Eva Breuer Art Gallery


83 Moncur St, Woollahra, Sydney
Nov 16 2013 - March 2014

Red and Green (1965) oil on canvas 140x127 cm
Orban in Red Cap (1985) oil on board 63x50 cm
Woman in Black Hat (2009) oil on canvas 39.5x50 cm
The Water Palace, Jaipur (2002) watercolour and pencil on paper 19.5x29 cm
Siesta in Striped Shirt (2008) ink on paper 25.5x34.5 cm
Sketch of Judy Cassab By Charles Blackman (2009) ink on paper 34.5x27.5 cm
Sleeping Girl (1987) oil on canvas on board 85x96 cm
Siesta oil on board 42x57.3 cm
Nude with Flowers (2008) oil on board 44x59 cm cm
Untitled (1956) oil on linen 74.5x50cm cm
Judy's Father oil on canvas 70x60 cm
Sandstone Blue (2008) oil on linen 35x24 cm
Charles Blackman (2002) oil on board 29x33 cm
Boab Trees (1962) oil on board 37x28 cm
Black Cap (2008) ink on card 19x30 cm
Ancient Gully, Tenterfield (2001) oil on board 27x35 cm
Before the Storm (1988) oil on board 49x36 cm
Study for Marea Gazzard (1988) gauche on paper 42x34 cm
Fan Lilies (2007) oil on board 82.3x57.6 cm
Wind (2007) oil on board 36.6x27.5 cm
In Rainbow Valley (1999) oil on board 34x43 cm
Bodhi (1986) oil on board 60x38 cm
Aerovision 4 (1996) oil on board 22x29 cm
Siesta (2007) oil on canvas 32x39 cm
Personage Ormiston (1992) acrylic and oil on board 55.5x45 cm
Bali Still Life (1993) oil on board 32x42 cm
Luna Park (1995) oil on board 22.5x42.5 cm
Sleeping Girl (1982) oil on board 30x35 cm
Self Portrait (c1938)
Self Portrait (late 60s) oil on board 52x50 cm
The Pinnacles, Fraser Island (2001) oil on canvas on board 85x70 cm
Still Life with Brass Pot (2008) oil on board 60x49.5 cm
Nude in Yellow Room (2000) 41x49 cm
Nude - Quiet Moment (2008) ink on paper 29x19 cm
Kimono Rock (1988) charcoal and watercolour on paper 56x76 cm
Lovers (1975) ink and charcoal on rice paper 70x58 cm
Louis Kohan (1993) oil on canvas 108x88 cm
Mountains and Figures (1988) oil on canvas 133x98 cm
Oscar Edwards (1963) oil on board 107x94 cm
Brian Seidel (1996) acrylic and oil on canvas 127x114 cm

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