Macquarie University

Exhibition from Nov 16 at Macquarie University Library (directions and opening hours below)

Click to view Macquarie University's Virtual Exhibition video of Judy Cassab works on display

Roslyn Oxley (1987) oil on canvas 93.3x58 cm
Anne Thompson (1987) oil on canvas 99x125 cm
Stanislaus Rapotec (1979) oil on board 98x92 cm
Desiderius Orban (1985) oil on canvas 101x72 cm
Last Night at the Gully (2000) oil on canvas on board 108x91 cm
Images of the Desert (1981) acrylic and oil on canvas on board 81x105 cm
High Country (2007) oil on canvas on timber 60x84 cm
Ancient Gully (2003) oil on board 87x70 cm

T + 61 2 9850 6410
Monday to Friday 9am-5pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed