Mossgreen Art Gallery

926 High Street, Armadale, Melbourne
March 1-31 2014

Byron Bay (2000) oil on canvas 76x105 cm
Girl with Native Flowers (1995) oil on paper 34x41 cm
Dancing Well (2000) oil on canvas on board 76x107 cm
Evening at the Pinnacles, Fraser Island (2001) oil on canvas on board 76x107 cm
Art Dealer Joseph Brown (2096) oil on canvas 101x77 cm
Early Morning, Rainbow Valley (1985) gauche on paper 53.5x73 cm
Indian Temple (2003) oil on board 58x67 cm
View from the Pompidou at Church (1990) oil on canvas 83x101 cm
Grotto II (1984) oil on canvas 108x76 cm
Surviving Cathedral oil on board 90x71 cm
Self Portrait in the Studio (2002) oil on canvas 108x60 cm
Circumvision, Rainbow Valley mixed media on paper 76x102 cm
Untitled Red Flowers (2009) mixed media on paper 50.5x73 cm cm
Untitled Red Lilies (2007) oil on board 75.5x60.1 cm
Untitled Tea Pot oil on canvas 59.5x74.5 cm
Untitled (2008)oil on canvas 49.6x39.5 cm
Port Louis Philippe (1996) print on paper 41/75 19x24 cm
Max Ernst in the Pompidou (1992) print on paper AP 65.5X50 cm
Fan Lilies (2007) oil on board 82.3x57.6 cm
Women and Sphinx (2008) oil on canvas 49x39 cm
Still Life with Sculpture (2008) oil on canvas 60x45 cm

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