Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House Cassab collection is displayed in the West Foyer of the Joan Sutherland Theatre (portrait of Joan Sutherland) and the East Foyer of the Joan Sutherland Theatre (Portrait of Robert Helpmann).

 From November 19 to December 19, 2013, the East Foyer also exhibited three portraits on loan from Judy Cassab: Jack Thompson, Sidney Nolan (now purchased by SOH) and Dawn Fraser.

 These are viewable by the public only during performance foyer hours.  

Dame Joan Sutherland (1975) oil on canvas 102x122 cm
Jack Thompson (1987) oil on canvas 108x121 cm
Sidney Nolan and Picasso's Goat (1987) oil on board 108x121 cm
Dawn Fraser (1987) oil on canvas 72x66 cm
Sir Robert Helpmann (1976) oil on canvas 102x123 cm

Nov 19 Dec 19, East Foyer

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