Link to news coverage of Judy Cassab's passing, 3 November 2015 to current

The Australian Jewish News, Showcasing Cassab’s Art, 28/02/2014

The Canberra Times, Faces from all walks of life, 23/11/13

The Australian Jewish News, Celebrating a lifetime of Cassab’s art, 15/11/13

Wentworth Courier, Artist’s life celebrated in pictures, 13/11/13

The Australian, Judy Cassab: Portrait of an artist's life lived to the full, 09/11/13

Aust. Jewish News, Keeping Art in the Family, 01/10/09

J-Wire, Drawing by Judy Cassab at 12 on show at Jewish Museum, 27/11/13

Sydney Morning Herald, The Two of Us, 29/09/09
Sydney Morning Herald, The John and Judy Show, 26/09/09

Sydney University Gazette, Article by Vice Chancellor Gavin Brown 02/04

Painters and Sculptors Medal, Press Release, 02/04

Playing Ping Pong with Judy Cassab by The Hon. Justice MichaelL Kirby AC CMG Justice, High Court of Australia

Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Opening Speech by Gábor Ébli, 02/10/03,

Vasarely Museum, Budapest, Translation of the Opening Speech by Gábor Görgey

Australian Women's Weekly, The Art and Life of Judy Cassab, 08/03



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